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Šilališkiai kviečiami į Alfonso Pipiro knygos „Audringo gyvenimo akimirkos“ pristatymą.


  1. Skip the waterproof. It’s difficult to remove and leaves a ring around your eyes. For special occasions, try water-resistant formulas (such as Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara Volume)—they use water-soluble ingredients that prevent streaks. P.S. The Fullest Lash Volumizing Mascara is Ilia’s second mascara and every bit as good as its predecessor — especially if you’re going for a bolder, even fuller look. Don’t miss out on product launches and exclusive offers – straight to your inbox We haven’t formally Lab tested this one, but it is a favorite of Beauty Lab chemist Sabina Wizemann (a.k.a. a scientist who tests mascaras for a living). “I like that it goes on smoothly, dries fast and stays put through humid days and allergy seasons without compromising the plush look of my lashes,” she says. “Its non-waterproof sister formula is the top pick in our latest mascara test so I usually buy them together.”
    Like this? Check out the lip balms under $20 that we love, the MLBB lipsticks you need for a natural, perfect pout and the highlighter and blusher combo palettes for a radiant, rosy complexion. When you have oily skin, getting your makeup to stay put can be a challenge. That’s why it helps to introduce one of the best setting powders for oily skin into your routine. That way, no matter what activities you have in store for your day, your makeup won’t fade or slide down your face even if oil builds up on the surface of your skin. The perfect powders for oily skin: tips & tricks Keeping your makeup fresh and locked in place all day can be tough, but powder is a beauty tool that goes way beyond helping out. From extending your makeup and keeping the dreaded shine at a minimum to blurring imperfections and hydrating the skin, the results of applying powder to oily skin are pretty unbeatable.

  2. View all L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Fortifying Extending Mascara Extra Black Our Hair Color Brands Have questions about this ad or our catalog? Check out our FAQ Page. BuyMeBeauty receives products from manufacturers in various packaging. Packaging may vary per product. Some products may come in their unsealed retail packaging but they have not been opened.For more information please visit our Terms & Conditions. New User? Register Now BuyMeBeauty receives products from manufacturers in various packaging. Packaging may vary per product. Some products may come in their unsealed retail packaging but they have not been opened.For more information please visit our Terms & Conditions. Apply mascara to the top lashes using the straight angle brush, moving back and forth from root to top. Layer multiple coats until the desired look is achieved. Bend the wand and apply mascara to the inner and outer corners of the top lashes, reaching every last lash. Follow this by applying mascara to the bottom lashes.
    The best time to incorporate a facial massage is during your skincare routine, as you’ll want your face to be clean and your serums and moisturizers can help with lubrication. You can include it in the morning, at night, or both. Facial massaging is a proven way to enhance skin health and beauty. It is a technique in which you gently stimulate the muscles and tissues of your face with your hands or a special massaging tool. Face massage has been in use since ancient times and evolved over the years in terms of technology and tools available to maintain youthful, glowing skin. We know that cuddling up on the couch can be a tempting relaxation technique, but for Face Yogis, there’s a better way to relax, ease tension, reduce anxiety, aid sleep, and feel good.  SAVE £10 ON FACE OILS It begins with Brooklyn Herborium’s unique Facial Point Stimulation technique, which is a simplified version of facial reflexology. It covers all of the major body systems, allowing you to “literally bring healing into your own hands,” says Graves. It then concludes with a simple swiping of the face, which promotes the movement of lymph (the body’s immune fluid) toward the lymph nodes. “The lymph vessels are much closer to the surface of the skin than blood vessels, therefore the touch is very light—almost like you’re casually stroking a cat.”

  3. In Super Pole Riders, the task is to move the ball to the contender’s side by soaring into the air using a pole. However, the most original one is probably Johann Sebastian Joust, which is a more face-to-face experience, requiring Playstation Move controllers to play. Sadly, it doesn’t work on Windows; only Linux and Mac are supported. Overall, it’s an interesting collection of games that provide varied gameplay. If it sounds confusing and chaotic, well, that’s because it is. You see, you’re all trying to keep your spaceship alive… but you all control different areas of the craft. And nobody knows who is in control of what, while instructions fly onto random people’s phone screens, telling them what settings need adjusting, and which buttons need pressing. This leaves them to shout this out to the rest of the group, in the hope that they will hear it, and prevent a fatal crash.
    To set up this game, divide the children into two teams. (Children can play this game as individuals too if you wish.) Inform the participants that they, like Mary and Joseph, must travel to Bethlehem to fulfill the census required by Caesar. But first, they’ll need to pack some items for their journey. Uno is a classic card game that can turn a calm family game night into a to-the-death match. Seriously, these cards have the power to start wars, but at least everyone will have fun. This wildly popular game relies on you trying to get rid of your entire hand of cards while using some of those cards to sabotage your opponents. It’s a great way to get everyone’s energy back up after Christmas dinner! Best reserved for when the little ones have gone to bed or an adult-only get together, cue up your favorite Christmas rom-com, break out the vodka (or libation of your choice) and take a shot anytime you hear a Christmas-related word. Pick words like “Christmas,” “holiday” or “elf” that are sure to have the entire gang seeing double by the end of the night.

  4.      Пожалуй, редко корейский макияж глаз ассоциируется у нас с кокетливыми черными стрелками. Но если Вы думаете, что кореянки игнорируют карандаши и подводки, мы Вас удивим: пользоваться ими они умеют и довольно искусно! Корейские бьюти-эксперты приготовили для нас невероятный выбор подводок – остается найти именно свою:) №5. Shara Shara One Touch Natural Pen Liner ‒ подводка для тех, кто обожает каноничные кошачьи стрелки. Ровность линии, легкость нанесения и водостойкость заставят Вас записать ее в свои фавориты. Среди фломастеров Grandiôse Liner не только один из лучших. Он также ничуть не похож на другие подводки. Все благодаря ручке с шарниром, позволяющим кисточке изгибаться под углом до 35˚ – можно рисовать стрелки, не «ломая» руки. Легкая формула на основе воды – еще и стойкая: она содержит латексный полимер, который создает защитный слой, чтобы подводка не смазывалась и не растекалась.
    Поздравляю с обалденной покупкой! Женя, тени просто потрясающие! Я так понимаю, что при правильном нанесении с ними можно и смоки, и нюд нарисовать — вообщем все, что пожелаешь. Тебе очень идет оттенок, просто 100%-ное попадание. Подводка тоже хороша, сложный цвет, но до моих восторгов по поводу теней BB над ней еще надо поработать))) Универсальное средство для безупречного макияжа глаз, обеспечивающее четкость линий до 24-х часов – это водостойкая подводка для глаз 3 в 1 (жидкая подводка + тени + карандаш) от японского производителя Naturing. В состав косметического продукта Eye Liner 365 Day входят:   +7 (926) 174-31-13   +7 (499) 714-14-81 На самом деле цвет зависит от количества слоев. В зависимости от того, сколько вы взяли цвета, выбирается его интенсивность. Производитель советует нанести один слой, подождать 30 секунд и затем положить второй слой. Из-за кремовой формы тени легко наносятся. Даже самый мягкий карандаш тянет веко при краске. Эти тени настолько нежные, что я вообще не чувствую касания кисти.


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